Applied mechanics book for polytechnic pdf in hindi | Applied Mechanics Syllabus 2021-2022

Applied mechanics book for polytechnic pdf in hindi | Applied Mechanics Syllabus 2021-2022 

Applied Mechanics Notes PDF Up Polytechnic PDF: हैलो नमसकर दोस्तो कैसे हो आप सब स्वागत है आपका आज के इस लेटैस्ट ब्लॉग मे जहा मैं आप सभी से बात करने वाला हु Applied Mechanics Subject के बारे मे और उसके पूरे syllabus के बारे मे और इसी ब्लॉग के माध्यम से आप सभी को मैं Provide कराने वाला हु Applied Mechanics Notes PDF Hindi मे, कृपया इस ब्लॉग को पूरा पढे जिससे आपको Applied Mechanics Syllabus के बारे मे पूरी जानकारी मिले और आप बहुत ही आसानी से Applied Mechanics Notes PDF In Hindi Download कर सके।🔥

Polytechnic ki 1st year ki Applied Mechanics k 1st chapter  ki Assignment/Notes ki PDF Download karane k liye yaha click kare.

'Applied Mechanics' Assignment/notes Chapter 01 Download Now

तो चलिये ब्लॉग को आरंभ करते है Applied Mechanics Syllabus ये जो सब्जेक्ट है कौन – कौन से ब्रांच वाले पड़ेंगे तो ये जो सब्जेक्ट है Mechanical Engineering PDF वालों के लिए है चाहे वो Automobile के हो या Production के हो चाहे वो RAC के हो या maintenance के हो और ये फिर mechanical CAD के हो मतलब की जीतने भी ब्रांच के हो मैकानिकल इंजीन्यरिंग मे या Civil Engineering या Chemical Engineering/Plastic Engineering / Paint Engineering / Architecture Engineering के हो ये वो सभी PDF Branch के बच्चो के लिए है।

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Applied Mechanics Syllabus

Introduction To Applied Mechanics

By The Study Of This subject Applied Mechanics basically it deals with basic concepts of mechanics like laws of forces, moments, friction, centre of gravity, laws of motion and simple machines which are required to use by the students for further learning and understanding. In Other Words or We Can Say In Simple Words Mechanics is the branch of science in which deals with force and its effects on physical body.

  • Learning Points For Applied Mechanics Notes PDF
  • Interpret various types of units & their conversion from one to another.
  • Analyze different types of forces acting on a body and draw free body diagrams.
  • Determine the resultant of coplanar concurrent forces.
  • Calculation of the co-efficient of friction for different types of surfaces.
  • Calculation of the least force required to maintain equilibrium on an inclined plane.
  • Determine the centroid / centre of gravity of plain and composite laminar and solid bodies.
  • Determination of the velocity ratio, mechanical advantage & efficiency of simple machines.

List of Chapters in Applied Mechanics
List Of Chapters in Detail Contents with Topic in Applied Mechanics Notes PDF

applied mechanics book for diploma pdf 2021-2022

Introduction (परिचय)

1.1 Concept of engineering mechanics and definition of mechanics, type of mechanics like statics or dynamics, application of engineering mechanics in practical fields & Definition of Applied Mechanics.

1.2 Definition, like basic quantities & derived quantities of basic units & derived units

1.3 Different systems of units (FPS, CGS, MKS and SI) & their conversion from one or another for density, force, pressure, work, power, velocity, and acceleration

1.4 Concept of rigid body, scalar and vector quantities

2.Laws of forces (बल का नियम)

2.1 Explanation of force, measurement of force in SI units,  and its representation,

types of force such as Point force/concentrated force and Uniformly distributed force, effects of force, and characteristics of a force

2.2 Different force systems (coplanar and non-coplanar), principle of transmissibility of forces, law of superposition

2.3 Composition & resolution of coplanar concurrent forces, resultant force, method of composition of forces, laws of forces, triangle law of forces, polygon law of forces – graphically, analytically, resolution of forces, Or resolving a force into two rectangular components

2.4 Free body diagram

2.5 Equilibrant force and its determination

2.6 Lami’s theorem (concept only)

[Simple problems on above topics]

2.7 Type of Load, supports, Beams- analysis for simply supported, cantilever beams


3.1 Concept of moment

3.2 Moment of a force and units of moment

3.3 Varignon’s theorem (definition only)

3.4 Principle of moment & its applications (Levers – simple & compound, steel yard, safety valve, reaction at support)

3.5 Parallel forces (like & unlike parallel force), calculating their resultant

3.6 Concept of couple, & its properties or its effects

3.7 General conditions of equilibrium of bodies under coplanar forces in Moment

3.8 Position of resultant force by moment

[Simple problems on the above topics]

Friction (घर्षण)

4.1 Definition & concept of friction, and their types of friction, Or force of friction

4.2 Laws of static friction, Or coefficient of friction, and angle of friction, angle of repose, or cone of friction

4.3 Equilibrium of a body lying on a horizontal plane, Or equilibrium of a body lying on a rough inclined plane.

4.4 Calculation of less force required to maintain equilibrium of a body on a rough inclined plane which is subjected to a force:

a) Acting along the inclined plane Horizontally

b) At some angle with the inclined plane

5. Centre of Gravity (द्रव्यमान केन्द्र)

5.1 Concept and definition of centroid of plain figures & centre of gravity of symmetrical solid bodies

5.2 Determinate the centroid of plain & composite lamina using moment

method only, centroid of bodies with removed portion

5.3 Brief Explanation of center of gravity of solid bodies Such as – cone, cylinder, hemisphere Or sphere, etc composite bodies & bodies with portion removed

[Simple problems on the above topics]

Simple Machines (सरल यांत्रिकी)

6.1. Explanation of effort, velocity ratio, mechanical advantage & efficiency of a machine & their relationship, or law of machines

6.2. Simple & compound machine (With Examples)

6.3. Definition of ideal machine, reversible & self locking machine

6.4. Effort lost in friction, Load lost in friction,& determination of maximum mechanical advantage & maximum efficiency

6.5. System of pulleys (first, second, third system of pulleys), determining the velocity ratio, mechanical advantage & efficiency

6.6. Working principle & application of wheel & axle, Weston’s Differential Pulley Block , simple screw jack, worm & worm wheel, single & double winch crab. Expression for their velocity ratio & field of their application

[Simple problems on the above topics]

तो ये राहे वो chapter list and topics जिनहे आपको Applied Mechanics PDF Up Polytechnic मे पढ़ने है……

और अब अगला देखते है List Of Practical Applied Mechanics PDF जिनहे आपको आपके Subject Teachers द्वारा दिये गए निर्देश का पालन करते हुए Practical को Lab मे करने है।

Applied Mechanics के इस Practical मे पूरे 10 प्रकटिकल है जिनहे आपको Perform करने है।

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