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 Bteup Applied Chemistry First Download PDF applied chemistry polytechnic 1st semester

Applied Chemistry detail BTEUP syllabus for All Branches, effective from 2021-2022, is collected from BTEUP  Syllabus official website and presented for diploma students. PDF download is possible from official site.

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1. Atomic Structure, Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding (14 periods)

2. Fuels and Lubricants (18 periods)

Definition of fuel, classification of fuels, characteristics of good fuel, relative merits of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels

Calorific value-higher calorific value, lower calorific value, determination of calorific value of solid or liquid fuel using Bomb calorimeter and numerical examples.

Coal – types of coal and proximate analysis of coal

Fuel rating – Octane number and Cetane number, fuel-structural influence on Octane and Cetane numbers

Gaseous fuels – chemical composition, calorific value and applications of natural gas (CNG), LPG, producer gas, water gas and biogas.

Elementary ideal on – hydrogen as future fuels, nuclear fuels.

Lubricants: Definition and properties, mechanism, industrial application and its function in bearings.

Synthetic lubricants and cutting fluids.

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3. Water (14 periods)

Demonstration of water resources on Earth using pie chart.

Classification of water – soft water and hard water, action of soap on hard water, types of hardness, causes of hardness, units of hardness – mg per liter (mgL-1) and part per million (ppm) and simple numerical, pH and buffer solutions and their applications.

Disadvantages caused by the use of hard water in domestic and boiler feed water. Primming and foaming and caustic embrittlement in boilers.

Removal of hardness -Permutit process and Ion-exchange process.

Physico-Chemical methods for Water Quality Testing

Determination of pH using pH meter, total dissolved solids (TDS)

Testing and Estimation of- alkalinity, indicator their types and application total hardness by EDTA method and O’Hener’s Method. (chemical reaction of EDTA method are excluded).

Understanding of Indian Water Quality standards as per WHO

Natural water sterilization by chlorine and UV radiation and reverse osmosis.

Municipality waste water treatment. Definition of B.O.D and C.O.D.

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4. Electrochemistry (4 periods)

5. Corrosion and its Control (10 periods)

Definition of corrosion and factors affecting corrosion rate.

Theories of

Dry (chemical) corrosion- Pilling Bedworth rule

Wet corrosion in acidic atmosphere by hydrogen evolution mechanism

Definition of passivity and galvanic series

Corrosion control:

Metal coatings – Cathodic protection, Cementation on Base Metal Steel -Application of Metal Zn (Sheradizing),Cr (Chromozing) and Al (Calorizing), Sacrificial protection and impressed current voltage

Inorganic coatings – Anodizing and phosphating,

Organic coatings – use of paints varnishes and enamels

Internal corrosion preventive measures- alloying (with reference to passivating, neutralizing and inhibition) and heat treatment (quenching, annealing)

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6. Organic compounds, Polymers and Plastics (10 periods)

Classification of organic compounds and IUPAC Nomenclature

Definition of polymer, monomer and degree of polymerization

Brief introduction to addition and condensation polymers with suitable examples (PE, PS, PVC, Teflon, Nylon -66 and Bakelite)

Definition of plastics, thermo plastics and thermo setting plastics with suitable examples, distinctions between thermo and thermo setting plastics

Applications of polymers in industry and daily life.

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